The History Of Medical System

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The first concept of chiropractic was originally conceived by the ancient Greeks in 17,500 BC. Chiropractic was officially founded in 1895 by DDPalmer. He opened his first clinic in the same year. There has been much controversy over this type of treatment over the years, but now is recognized and approved in over 50 countries and every state in the United States. There are four main groups of Chiropractictors, reform, mixers, objective straights and traditional stairs.

Chiropractic was founded by Daniel David Palmer in 1895. He based his concept on the theory that the adjustments of the spine can treat or prevent health problems in the body including the spine and other joints. The adjustments would correct subluxations. He said that subluxations were misaligned vertebrae, causing nerve compression, which in turn interfered with the “innate intelligence” When this happened the human body would experience disharmony and ill health.

His first patient, a person with a hearing impairment, seemed to prove that his ideas may have some substance. The patient had a hearing loss, he said was provided by a back injury. Palmer found a displaced vertebra (subluxation), and return it with chiropractic adjustment. The patient stated that his hearing improved.

Palmer opened a school of chiropractic in 1897. The first entry was slow, 24 students of 10 years, but now there are over 20 schools with over 10,000 students. To become a chiropractor, it is 8 years of intensive study. A one-year internship is required for clinical graduates. Four studies are required to nation graduation to obtain a license to practice.

Now chiropractic treatment is mainly based on the manipulation and adjustment of the spine. Some chiropractors comply with spinal adjustments and others have a broader focus. Practices are combined with other forms of chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, nutrition and exercise. Others are combined with other forms of alternative medicine. Some are even qualified to do minor surgery. No chiropractor may prescribe medication to a patient.

Controversy has always surrounded chiropractic care. AMA (American Medical Association) has been fighting numerous lawsuits from both sides. Only since 1970 has chiropractic care could be part of health insurance. Now, many teachers are working with chiropractors for the mutual benefit of their patients.

For years, chiropractic has received much negative publicity in the medical profession, but with the advent of various forms of alternative medicine is becoming a more accepted. It is now in second place for conventional medicine in health care.


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