How to increase the size of your arms, or gaining bigger guns

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 Your arm , as in every muscle part of your body, has one of two types of motion. Push or Pull. Your arm as well as your legs have both of these motions. Here we will focus on the arm. To gain mass it is important to lift heavy, in small repatitions, with more sets. One of the best ways is to do 6 “reps” on 6 sets at 70% maximum weight of that exercise. To get that “cut” look one should do 3 sets of 15 “reps” at 40% maximum weight of that exercise. To “bulk” up you should do only 4 exercises per body part. Do not overdo it because that could do more harm than good.

 On day 1 you work the pulling arm muscle, the bicep. The one you see when you flex your arm. There are numberous exercises that one can do for this muscle. Find out which ones would best fit you and go from there. Do the exercise 6 times rest for about a minute then do the same exercise again. do that exercise a total of 6 times then move on to the next pulling exercise and repeat 6 “sets” of 6 “reps”. Doing no more than 4 exercises. Then rest your biceps for 24 hours.

 On day 2 you work on your tricep or pushing muscle in your arm. Again look around to see what tricep exercise would work good for you and do the 6 “sets” of 6 “reps” for no more than 4 different exercises. After you have done your 6 “sets” of 6 “reps” on no more than for exercises. Rest on day 3 and then repeat step 2 on day 4 and this step on day 5.


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