How to Do Well in College

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Going to college is a huge life-changing experience. For some, it’s really overwhelming. Here is a basic guide to doing well in your journey through higher education.

Step 1: Choose a class you are interested in. It is much easier to do well in subjects in which you have an interest rather than subjects you dislike. It motivates you to study more and you remember the facts better.

Step 2: Get to know the people in your class. You should get to know the people in your class because they will be good resources. You may make some new study partners or even some new friends. It is nice to have peers who understand the material that can help you work through it.

Step 3: Get to know your professor. Your relationship with your professor can make or break your grade in a class. It is always good to have a meeting with the professor to introduce yourself and to tell him/her about your goals and expectations for the class. The difference between an A and a B can be solely based upon the professor’s perception of you… if they like you, you will get a better grade.

Step 4: Attend class. Often times the professor tells information in class that can’t be found in the text book. When you miss class you miss this information and it will cause you to miss questions on tests and quizzes. Also, missing class often negatively effects your professor’s view of you and you grade may suffer.

Step 5: Do the readings. No matter how boring the reading, your professor assigned it for a reason. Often your professor will not completely cover everything you read because he/she will expect you have read and understand it. You may find questions on tests that are not part of what he/she discussed in lecture.

Step 6: Ask Questions. Never hesitate to ask questions in class. If a concept doesn’t make sense to you, ask about it. If you don’t understand it, odds are there are others who do not understand so you will be doing yourself and everyone else a great help by asking.

Step 7: Study! In addition to going to class and reading, you also need to study what you learned or read. Take time each week to write out all the facts you know then go back to your notes and mark all the sections you didn’t know by heart. This way you know you are learning it rather than just memorizing it for tests.

Step 8: Be reasonable If you know that the highest grade the professor has ever given has been a C+, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get an A. Don’t let your performance in one class negatively affect your performance in your other classes.

Remember to balance schoolwork and play, and never short yourself of either. Both are important and will make your college experience a lot more rewarding. Follow these steps the best you can and you’ll be on your way towards an awesome college education.


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