Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Style

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St. Patrick day is the only day where one can go absolutely bonkers. It is also the one day of the year that bars will open their doors at 6 am… The day is all about Irish patriotism and to show loyalty to the Catholic Church. But, for us American’s we do it up our own style.

We have a way of taking something that isn’t ours, and turning it to something that is. St. Patrick’s Day is all about sporting the “Kiss Me I’m Irish,” or in general ALL green clothing. Festivities can be found in towns all across the US.

One of the most famous is in Chicago where a people line up the great river to dye it green. Also, in Hot Springs, Arkansas you’ll find the “shortest St. Patrick’s Day parade.” Ripley’s believe it or Not found the street where the parade is held to be the shortest street in the world!

The original color of St. Patrick’s Day is actually blue. But given the Irish shamrock, it has become a must to wear green. That’s right, watch out; you might get pinched if you don’t wear the color. If you really want to change things up, then a leprechaun suit may be the way to go. It is just one of the many things you might see on St. Patrick’s Day!

Many major beer distributors put out a festive green beer for the really festive folk! Many will recommend drinking green beer with fried green tomatoes and green eggs! Even the Boston Red Sox have jumped in the festivities by wearing Green jerseys. The cities really know how to throw good parties, and this seems the obvious choice for the party goers.

Dye your hair, paint your body, or just put food coloring on everything, it is certainly a day where anything can happen! If you decide to stay in however, here are some tips to throw one party to “remember!”

Go crazy with shamrocks. Instead of missile toe, hang up Shamrocks for an added twist at your party! Go Green! It is the word of the decade, but really put it to good use! Decorate everything in green. Include green chips and green salsa.

Guacamole is a must for a good party! Green Beer in green tubs with green dyed ice! Use Lucky Charms as festive confetti! Leave the rap jam’s at home and bust out the best of the best Irish hymns. This will really get everyone rockin’!

These are just a few ideas to really set your party out, and make it a time to remember. Let your green out, and raise your glass to the good St. Patrick!


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