Imbibing The Spirit Of FAT

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It is another new month and definitely a new you. But there must be certain pertinent issues that must be resolved if one would live in peace in this new month of holiness that calls for sober reflection as the world celebrates the times our Lord Jesus Christ had to go through so many trials and temptations as He prepared Himself for the task of remitting us of our sins.

Imbibing the spirit of FAT simply put is to tap into the pains He suffered so that we live the rest of this year wearing the feeling that we are human and happy after all our stress and the temptations we equally face.

What does FAT stand for? It stands for being FAVOURED, AVAILABLE for His Calling, and being TEACHABLE too.

When you have that feeling that you are favoured, your faith is pushed to the zenith making you out to get much of all the things you set your mind on. Being available is availing yourself the opportunity to serve and take up the calling of the Lord anytime it surfaces. People believe that for you to have a calling; you only have to become a priest for the whole world to know you are actually God’s own. Nay! It is more than that. Your call might be to administer counselling to troubled teenagers or attending to the inmates in an elderly peoples’ home. Whatever it is that you figured out is your calling, tap into it and get yourself achieving all you have always wanted to be through the impartation of that sense of FAT.

Being teachable is simply availing yourself the right to have your well of knowledge refreshed every now and then so you can meet up with the demands of our present generation without loosing your focus in life and in your calling. You keep learning new things and approaches to ever-changing problems you will have to encounter in your line of calling.

On the above premises, I’ll urge you to join me, let’s get FAT.


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