Mince Again!

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Mince Again!

We used to have this when I was a kid I loved it,  introduced it to my wife who fell in love with it too. My 20 month old daughter eats all she can of it. What I would recommend is to be aware that I may have under estimated the quantities for your family as we could easily eat half as much again!enjoy and i hope it becomes as much a family favourite as it is with us

What you will need

1         Ovenproof dish medium to large

1         Mixing spoon

250g   Mince cooked either with or without onions or raw

300g   Half cooked pasta Macaroni of Fusili is best but any will do really at a push

1 tin    Condensed tomato soup (or 1 1/2 tins of cheap cream of tomato)

50g     Medium cheese grated

optional extras

1        Red and or green peppers(capsicums)

1        Tin of baked beans

1/2     Onion if mince is raw add this ingredient (dont worry if you dont have one it just enhances the flavour a little

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The method

Warm oven to 180-200 centigrade or gas mark 6 again no need to be too fussy medium is fine

put ovenproof dish on medium ring and add the mince, whether it is cooked or raw including any optional extras cook off  stirring until onions and peppers are soft, the mince (if not cooked) is brown

Note if you are just re heating  mince heat this gently and proceed to adding the rest of the ingredients.

Remove any of the oil in the pan with a piece of kitchen roll by tilting the pan pulling the mixture to the top with a spoon and  take as much as you wish from the bottom with the tissue and the spoon if its too hot to touch.

Add the pasta mix and separate it as much as you can witht e mince mixture.

Add the tinned soup if it is condensed add a bit of water to the tin (less than half) shake it with your hand over the end and pour it into the pot heat this until it begins to bubble

add  most of the cheese and mix this together and add the rest of the cheese as a topping.

put a lid on it or cover as best you can if no lid is available and place in the oven for 10 mins

remove covering and cook for a few more minutes or until your desired colour is reached

voila dinner is served


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