How To Get Xbox Live and Microsoft Points For FREE**

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I have heard people that say, “I have done several hundred surveys, most are for the $5.00 to $10.00 range. One survey, a big one, took an hour and came in two parts. You could ‘take a break’ at the midway point, but had to not stop in each of the two halves. The payout: $65.00-USD”.

Well this can get annoying and can make computers crash. The other option is to get referrals. You might ask, “What are Referrals?” Referrals are getting members to join a site and earn commissionfrom it. You can tell your friends to join or post it on forums, face book, or my space. But the way to get xbox live and Microsoft points is the website you get referrals for, will let you spend them on some awesome prizes with xbox live and Microsoft points being prizes along with other prizes such as xbox 360’s, wii’s, gift cards, or games.

The main site I use to get referrals for is rewards1. I am leaving a link to the site, join the site and you will start earning right away. Rewards1 Website


The site is very easy to use and you should start heading to large sites to gather views. A great site to begin is yahoo answers. If you want to try, you can check out the surveys. They take longer if you get more money.

This site rewards1, can also payout through pay pal. Pay pal is a safer way to receive money online and is a well protected site. When get xbox live and Microsoft points free, you may run into people who want to “sell you referral guides”, do not buy them! They are trying to take your money! Good luck getting xbox live free and earning Microsoft points. Please comment here if you have any questions and check back this article for updates.




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