The Incredible Twitter

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Twitter is a fast growing social media outlet for businesses, ghostwriters, designers and everything in between. The twitter community grew very quickly. In the beginning, twitter had many issues with servers and had a problem of shutting down or going to sleep as it used to say in times when it became overwhelmed with traffic and tweets. Many tweeters were left out in twitter space waiting for twitter to immerge from a nap to see who was doing what or what he or she had to say next. Ah, the new times of twitter as the “in” social media outlet.

Every morning tweeters get out of bed and sign in to say hello. There is always someone on twitter because it covers the world. At night before they go to bed, twitters say good night and sign out. What goes on in between the hellos and the good nights will surprise you. Twitter is always updating with new posts. Since you can only do 140 word posts, sometimes a tweeter has to post a few times to get his or her message out completely.

The debates were a place to be on twitter. You could talk about the debates with other twitters and with Current TV. Now this was funny in itself. Many tweeters gained and lost followers depending on how they reacted to the candidates and what comments they had to post. It was a good time hearing how others felt. There was even a drinking game put on by one of the tweeters. It was the “Debate drinking game.” This game had certain words that each candidate was famous for saying all the time.

Before each debate, the rules were posted and the words were listed. Every time a candidate said that word or phrase, you had to take a drink. The drink was your choice. It did not have to be alcoholic, but many were. This made things funny towards the end of the debate. Imagine being in a large room with all your friends and family playing a drinking game. This is what twitter is too many. Just one big happy family.

You can hear about babies being born, children going to school for the first time, parents deciding to home school and what is for dinner that night. You will hear what the Internet Marketers are saying and what is next in line for newscasts for others. You can hear about being on the White House grounds, what type of wine is hot and even where to get the best deals. You will hear what some of the writers are working on and how things are going. Designers, freelance writers, coders and entrepreneurs will let you know how the day is going. 

There are some people on twitter that have absolutely no purpose except to be a part of the community. There are people that will annoy you, so you just un-follow them and they are gone for good. You will find some people that know other people to follow. This is how your build your list of friends. It seems that the more friends someone has the happier everyone is for him or her. It is not unusual to see, “I only need 10 more people to follow me and I will be at 1000 followers.” Then the next thing you will see from that same person is, “I just got 40 new followers, I am so excited. Hello to all my new twitter friends.”

Twitters watch the hot trends with celebrities, stock markets and what is hot with the new President. They supply you with information about upcoming events and even run contests for anyone who wants enter. Twitter is the hot new social media that has everyone talking. CNN talked about twitter during the Presidential debates and during the election. Twitter has taken the world by storm.

Some of the funnier sides of twitter are what makes it so friendly. Even the top entrepreneurs on the Internet come to twitter to share some laughs. Things are not all business at twitter. You know that old saying, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Well this concept applies on twitter. You cannot be all business without some fun.


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