A Guide To Saving The Environment

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Take these easy steps to safeguard our environment. And you don’t even have to make effort to achieve it. 

Take time to recycle paper. Using both sides of the paper not only enables you to save on paper but also on costs, it’s a cheaper way to save the environment.

Buy items that come in recycled paper.

Buy items that have more than one function, such as boxes that can be re-used for shipping and for gifts as well as storing letters and clothing. Jars that can be used as flower vases and storing leftover food.

Have a yard sale to get rid of anything that you do not need.

Use less water. Do not let water run over periods of time when you are using it. Get taps fixed so they don’t drip. Take showers instead of baths.  Keep your pool and hot tub clean to avoid re-filling it very often. Use ice cubes instead of running water till it becomes cold. The best part about saving water is that you get to shower with the person you love every so often.

It is time to save energy. You know after that romantic shower, it’s time for that romantic dinner. Switch off all appliances that you are not using. Buy fluorescent lights, they cost a little bit more than the natural lights but they are definitely energy savers.

Don’t let your car idle, shut it off, no matter how short the call you are making is.

Do not litter, roll down your window once in a while to get some air, wouldn’t it be good to avoid some litter fines? Wait until you get to a litter bin so you can dispose the litter. It is easier to smash your trash instead of loosely filling up your garbage cans.

The simplest things about cleaning the environment have a great impact on our earth. Take that step and vote. Many environmental issues will always turn political, let your voice be heard and do the right thing the right way. Making a contribution will make you a happier person. Making that contribution will make you environmentally conscious and happy person.

Close vents in unused rooms and change the air conditioning unit filters once a month.

Reuse items like envelopes folders and paper clips.  The email is the latest, easiest and fastest way of communication; wouldn’t you like to have a paperless office? To save the environment, use email instead of paper correspondence, saves you the boring part of having to do filing.

If you have a car emitting smoke, get rid of it. It’s not good to inhale polluted air. One car of the road is a whole lot of clean air.

We all love shopping, once in a while carry your own shopping bag. It is advisable to get canvas bags, instead of plastic or paper bags.

Use rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. Use cloth napkins instead of paper ones, reusable plates instead of disposable ones.

Now doesn’t this sound like a lazy man’s guide to saving the environment?


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