Things To Help You Get Around The Holiday Blues

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During the holidays there is often a lot of people suffering with depression and sadness. Here is some tips that I have found to be helpful to me during the holiday blues. 

One of the things that we do is worry too much about the expectations of the holidays.

Just remember that things will not go as planned and it is okay. No need to get yourself all worked up.  It will be all right.

Another thing is it is okay to say “no” I cannot do this. 

You cannot control other people reactions, just keep yours in check.

We need to work on healing our mind, heart, body and spirit.  Yoga and mediation is good too.  I also journal everyday and it helps me to put those feelings, emotions down on paper.

And we also have to accept what sickness or disease we have or suffer with.  Because accepting it is the first step in helping you cope and allowing you to take the necessary action needed..

Be a good listener this is very important.  I know that nothing helps me better than when someone lets me just talk and they say nothing just listen.

It is okay not to be in a festive mood.  Just express that to the ones you are surrounded with and do not feel like you have to pretend or put up a good act Just remember that there is no cure all for the “Holiday Blues,” can look to yourself and take a stand about how you are going to feel.  Write down some positive affirmations.

Say them out loud to yourself as many times as you can.  And when those blues want to start saying something negative inside your head.  Take captive to that thought and turn it around.  I will be happy this holiday season.  I will be happy this holiday season.  I will be happy this holiday season.

Do some volunteer work and spread some joy.

Take time and eat right.

Pratice gratitude and use this times to create a gratitude journal if you do not have one.

Read a good book one that makes you laugh, laugh, laugh.  Laughter is good medicine.

Take some time out and go enjoy a long walk and just look up in the sky and just be thankful and grateful for whatever you see.  This always makes me feel better.  I am just at awe at how God created this big universe and everything in it.


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