Weirdest and Most Horrible Diseases Ever

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You may have read on my previous articles on The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world, and The most Horrible Diseases Ever to Tremble the world 2 (or “weirdest and horrible diseases you never seen before”), The most horrible diseases ever to tremble the world 4 (or “Somewhat unusual: The most disturbing deformations and abnormalities in human history) and now, I bring you the continual part of these horrible diseases. In this series, I’ll focus more on tumor.

Tumor is an abnormal growth of body tissue. It can either be non-cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant). When the body has a problem to divide cells, in which the balance of cell division is disrupted or the body has a problem with the immune system, there’s the tumor seen appearing from parts of the body. Most notable occurrences of the tumors are observed around the hand, leg, face, nose, and etc.


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It’s not a pleasant feeling for Liu Hua, who came from Jiangsu, China, to earn an award of “The world’s largest hand.” He was born with a left thumb, index and middle finger, which were measured 26cm, 30cm, and 15 cm respectively. This LARGE hand undoubtedly has caused him difficulty to do his work and daily routine. He was said to undergo a radical plastic surgery at the Shanghai No. 9 People’s Hospital for the purpose of reducing his extremely oversized thumb and fingers. The surgery was important to reshape his shoulder and the left finger. In this procedure, doctor has successfully removed his flesh and bone which were weighed at 5.1kg, leaving him with the thumb, the little finger and the ring finger, or three fingers on his left hand.




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This is a Chinese guy from southern Hunan Province, who called himself Huang Chuncai and he was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis. This is a rarely seen genetic disorder of the nervous system which has become the main culprit to the growth on his face. He had undergone two times of surgeries, the first was to remove the 25-pound tumor, while the second was to remove the 33-pound tumor. He had lived with this huge facial tumor since he was four years old. The growth grew larger and larger when the time passed by, until one day; he surprisingly found that the growth was big enough to crush down his left eye, causing his left ear being pulled down to parallel the level of shoulder, hitting his teeth out, while damaging his physical appearance. Despite of the deformed backbone, his growth was seriously disrupted, and thus, he was only grown to a height of 4.5 feet.  Before the surgery, the mass of the tumor had caused his disability to eat, listen and even speak. See how difficult for him to even drink a spoonful of soup!!!

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Final remarks:

No humiliating and laughing at these unfortunate people, please! Think that, if you’re one of them, will you allow others to humiliate or laugh at you? Please show your caring heart towards these communities. After reading this article, you should appreciate your present appearance. No more grumbling about your look, please! Let’s pray for their well being and healthy!


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