Here’s What I Think About…the Chia Obama Gift

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I can’t imagine actually going out and purchasing a Chia gift for anyone!  Without a doubt, the Chia pets and other Chia products are the stupidest (hmmm, is that a word?) products ever invented, and if anyone ever buys one for me, I’m going to throw it at them.  Remember when the Chia products first came out?  For the first year or so, I thought they were cute in their own little sick way, but year after year after year they keep coming up with new products depending on what’s hot at the moment (like a Black president, I reckon). 


As far as the Obama Chia goes, I don’t know why it would be considered racial…I just think it is stupid.  It ranks right up there with the Viva Viagra commercial on television.  When I hear that commercial, I want to throw my television set out the window and hire myself a private investigator to find out who the brains were behind it so I can write them and let them know personally how stupid I think they are.

Don’t keep buying Chia products.  You know darn well that you wouldn’t buy one for yourself, so why in the world do you think they would make the “perfect gift?”  If you buy one, buy it as a “gag” gift so the recipient won’t think you are the dumbest person in the world.

Enough is enough.  The only thing that could make the Chia product any worse is if they hire Billy Mays to promote it.  When they do, I’m pretty sure I’m going to hurt someone.


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