How to impress your lady friend

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 When a man meets a lady and want to impress her there are things that he needs to know. Women tend to have a good sense of smell and one of the big turn offs is body odor, as well as bad breath. Shower at least once a day, and brush them teeth at least twice. Make that head of hair of yours look nice, hat or no hat. Wear clean clothes, not the same thing every day.

 Women love compliments, they spend a lot of time trying to look good. Tell them, not in a cocky, or sexual demeaning manner. A little, “Hair looks nice”, or “Your perfume smells good” goes a long way. Do not over do it, that is a turn off. Smile, and be cheerful, do not take yourself serious, we are all humans and are imperfect. Manners are or great importance. Open doors for them, if they drop something on the floor pick it up for them, say “Hi”. DO NOT strip them with your eyes, look them in the eye when talking to them.
Show yourself confident and sure of yourself, not in an arrogant or cocky way. Big turn off.

 If by chance they come go for a ride in your automobile or come over to your house, make sure it is clean. Clutter is okay but make sure it is clean and smells good. Garbage and beer/soda cans every where is not a good thing. A clean kitchen will always impress a lady. If you have a pet make sure it does not jump on them.


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