How to act dumb to get the real answer

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 Ever been in a situation, like in a store or at a car dealership and you ask a question and you are getting the run-a-round. These little techniques will help you get the right answer. This even works on kids and parents.

 You ask someone a question and they say something like “I have to check on that first”, you repeat what they said to you to them in a questioning manner. Then they leave or phone to check out the question. When they come back and if they give you the answer you want then all are happy. Or if you ask them a question and they say they do not know, or give you and answer you think is correct. You say in a question form “You do not know ?’, or “Could you please explain your answer, I just do not seem to get it?”. If they get another person, then chances are they are trying to give you the right answer but just do not have all the information and doing all they can to help you. If they keep in eye contact with the person they brought in start playing the question game with them all over.

 The secret here is to act like you really do not get the answer, and keep asking them to explain it to you. If they cannot go into detail about the answer then you know you are not getting the right answer. Have them keep repeating the answer, and listen very carefully. If the answer changes alot then you know they are trying to buffalo you.
If this happens take a step back and explain to them their answers and why they should now tell you the truth.


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