Identify if Your Teen is Doing Drugs

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It’s been a long time since you were a teenager and the world of drugs when we were growing up has changed dramatically.  In today’s world, teens are so focused on finding that next high that they are coming up with ingenious ways to use drugs.  From huffing aerosols to sugar sweet candy drugs the assortment is amazing. 

Along with it getting harder to know what are drugs with dealers making vicodin candy bars and crack pop tarts it is also getting harder to identify the signs that your teen may be on drugs. 

This article can help.  The scary thing is that some of the signs could be other things.  It is important to remember that unless you have absolute proof they are on drugs you should never accuse them of it.  To me absolute proof would be catching them in the act. 

Use these signs to help you identify the possibility and investigate after that.  The best defense is an offense and awareness.

Step One: will be to talk to your kids.  Educate and ask questions.  Please be aware if they are doing drugs they will most likely not admit to it.  Body language and how comfortable they are with the conversation will help you to identify any signals. 

Note: this will help with prevention if your teens are not using the drugs.  Having open lines of communication with your children makes them feel part of something more than just a teen out there fighting to make his/her mark in the world.

Note: Also it helps to be close to your teen so that you will be able to pick up on the body language queues that will be there when you start this discussion.

Other physical warning signs can be; fatigue, he/she is getting sick more, frequent red/glazed eyes and dilated pupils, memory problems, and a change in their grooming habits.  All of these are easily recognizable changes physically that if you are close with your child you should be able to see and become aware of a possible problem.

Family relationships change as well.  As you can guess some good signs that your teen may be in trouble would be: secretiveness, fighting and arguing with siblings or parental figures, withdrawing away from the family and their activities, negative attitude, breaking the house rules, things coming up missing, and lies. 

The lies can seem innocent at first.  But a lie is a lie and can be a sign of things coming down the road.  Put rules in place to help keep these things from happening.  Create open communication with your teen to help them to feel comfortable talking to you about their problems.

Again some of these signs can be related to something else.

Some other signs could be: change in friends, lack of interest in school and school functions including sports, missing medication around the house or other family members, and any dramatic change in personality can be signs of possible drug abuse.

If you suspect there is drug abuse there are many counseling services through schools, church, and city to help you get your teen the help they need.

Tips and tricks:

*  The closer relationship you have with your children the easier you will be able to identify the signs and the better prevention you will be able to have.

*  Some families actually buy the home drug testing kit available at drug stores and test their teens once a month.  Hopefully this article will help avoid this in your household.


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