Shahrukh Khan takes on Sunil Gavaskar!

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Shahrukh Khan , the owner of Kolkata Knight Riders has criticized Sunil Gavaskar’s comment on John Buchanan and his multiple-captain theory.

On Sunday, SRK called a press conference in support of his Kolkata Knight Riders’ coach John Buchanan and criticized Sunil Gavaskar for his comments made on John. As per Shahrukh, he has bought the team and will run it as he deems fit.

It all started when India’s ace cricketer Sunil Gavaskar lashed out Buchanan’s theory of multiple captains in a newspaper column by writing that too much importance is given to an Australian, who himself is a failed first-class cricketer. Gavaskar also mentioned in his column that he (Buchanan) is only trying to get jobs for “his Queensland pals”.

This incident was enough to incite Shahrukh Khan who came to rescue his coach and said in front of the press, after giving due respect to Gavaskar, that “…this is an era where Gavaskar has not indulged in, nevertheless his knowledge about the game does allow him to make comments”.

Speaking about multiple captain theory, SRK said, “Please give it some breathing space. I am the owner of the team, I bought it…If one wants to implement something then let them buy a team and do whatever they want with it,”

It’s not secret that Sourav Ganguly, who was the skipper of the IPL team last year, is also not so happy with this new format.

IPL is set to start in South Africa on 18th April and King Khan is hopeful that this time his team will perform better.

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