The Explosive Review – Alligator (1980)

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A teenage girl purchases a baby alligator during vacation with her family in Florida. After returning to Chicago, Ramon the alligator (that’s what she names it) gets flushed down the toilet by her father who is an animal phobic of sorts. The baby alligator ends up in the city’s sewers. Twelve years later, the alligator has survived and has recently begun feeding on covertly discarded corpses of other pets that were the guinea pigs for an experimental growth formula. As a result, the gator is now approximately 30-40 feet long. 

When the gator begins picking off humans, it grabs the attention of police officer David Madison who seems to have a bad reputation for losing his assigned partners after a botched case in St. Louis. Madison soon meets reptile expert Marisa Kendall, who turns out to be the teenage girl from the beginning; when the gator soon reaches the surface of the city for new territory, they must team up to track down and kill the alligator before it causes any further harm. 

I had no idea that a “Jaws” clone existed until I watched “Alligator”. Roy Schieder is replaced by Robert Forster, the shark by an alligator, and the water by a city/sewer environment. The film is pretty much predictable, I really don’t have to tell you what happens when and where, just watch “Jaws”. However, the film’s intentional humor and wit does work, but it certainly reeks of low budget cliche-ness all throughout. Some parts are just boring, take the opening sequence and the first act for instance.


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