How to Install A Doggie Door

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First you must decide what size door you’ll need. There are small medium and large doors. Doors for dogs and cats. Purchase the size door needed. You can Install these doors in any door and some walls. Interior doors for cats to get to their litter box. Exterior doors for dogs to get out. So you don’t have to get up and let the dog out all the time.

Some doors will come with a template. Remove the door from it’s hinges by knocking the hinge pins out with a hammer and screwdriver. Place the door on some saw horses or a couple of five gallon buckets. Set the template at the bottom of the door. Tape the template down so it wont move. Use a pencil and mark the four corners, and trace template.

Drill through the four corners. Be careful not to blow out the back of the door with the drill. Then use your jigsaw to finish cutting out the template. Cut from corner to corner. Slide your pet door through the hole. Make sure that you have the side with the screws going through, on the inside of the house. Adjust doors so that it is straight. Then tighten down the screws.

Once you’ve finished Installing the pet door. Carefully slip the door back onto it’s hinges and replace the hinge pins. Gently tap the hinge pins back down with a hammer. Close door to make sure it’s properly in place. Now show your pet it’s new door to see if they like it if not they’ll get used to it. I think that every pet owner should have one of these. Pets need their freedom too.


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