How to make home made banana pudding

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To make banana pudding you will need the following items.Bananas,vanilla wafers,vanilla pudding,milk and a bowl to mix things in.You will need a dessert bowl to put the banana pudding in after you finish with the mixture.First you will need to put the vanilla pudding in the bowl add the milk amounts from the packages just like making pudding.Make sure you get all of the lumps out of the pudding.Next you will need to chop your bananas up.Then you will need to take the other dessert bowl and put a layer of wafers to cover the bottom of the bowl.The add a layer of bananas on top of the wafers.Next add a layer of pudding to cover the bananas.Then you will need to add another layer of wafers.Then another layer of bananas on top of the wafers.Next add the rest of the pudding to the bowl and top with a layer of wafers.After you have completed all the steps to making banana pudding you can pat your self on the back because you have now made a new recipe.congradulations on your sucess.Next you will need to cover the pudding up.Then you will need to refridgerate the pudding for a couple of hours.Then you can serve with other items such as strawberrys,ice cream or cool whip they make great toppings.One other thing to rember about bananas is they will spoil.So if it sits in the fridge for more than three days throw it out.We would not want to make anyone sick.Enjoy your home made banana pudding.


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