The Explosive Review – The Unborn (2009)

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A malevolent spirit known as a dybbuk refuses to leave the world and instead inhabits the body of Casey Beldon, plaguing her with nightmarish dreams, strange visions, and a ghostly child with big blue eyes. Casey seeks the help of a spiritual advisor, Rabbi Joseph Sendak, to perform an exorcism and rid the entity from her body.

I was surprised and pleased to see that “The Unborn”, written and directed by the critically-acclaimed and respected David S. Goyer (just thought I’d point that out to let you all know that this wasn’t directed by some stupid music video director like many movies are these days), is neither a remake or a book adaptation because hey, let’s face it, that is the automatic assumption nowadays. It is in fact a creation of Mr. Goyer, however, it’s not entirely original as it borrows from so many movies that it’s not even funny – “The Exorcist”, “The Omen”, “Rosemary’s Baby”, need I go on?

“The Unborn” is a downright cheesy horror flick with cringing dialogue, Mr. Goyer actually wrote and directed this? That’s hard to believe. Wow. Maybe he watched too many of the crappy horror movies that came out recently before he conjured this up.


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