Possible Causes of Your Lower Back Pain and What You Can Do to Stop It

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Lower back pain is actually a very common problem. At one time or another, it is likely that most people will experience issues with their back at least one time. Sometimes lower back pain is caused by the back muscles being strained during every day activities such as playing sports, lifting objects, or performing strenuous housework.

If you just started having lower back pain then do your best to rest your back. It is possible that you may have just strained a muscle. Your muscle discomfort may be short lived. Stay away from strenuous tasks for a few days and the lower back pain may go away on its own.

Schedule an appointment with your practitioner if your lower back pain becomes persistent. There can be numerous medical reasons why you are experiencing back pain. It may be necessary to have your doctor examine you and if necessary do some testing to get to the root of the lower back pain.

However prior to calling your health care provider concerning your lower back pain, try the helpful tips listed below.

Don’t mean to sound like your mother here but work on your posture. Your lower back pain may be caused by how you position your body. In time, good posture may make your back stop hurting.

If you have a job where you sit down all day then this could cause lower back pain. Being in an uncomfortable chair could also trigger back pain discomfort.  So try stretching every so often. Take a break when you can and get up out of the chair and walk around so that your lower back muscles get a stretch.

Start performing certain kinds of exercises that will help to lessen back pain. There are different types of stretches that are helpful in dealing with lower back issues. The important thing is to find exercises that do not cause further discomfort.

You can start enjoying life again without lower back discomfort. Use the tips above to help to figure out and stop the source of the discomfort. Take care to not overextend your back muscles. Always lift with your knees and take care when you exercise or do other strenuous activities.


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