Would you agree to a 50% tax increase like Illinois Governor Pat Quinn wants?

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Would anyone favor a 50% income tax increase? Besides Pat Quinn who seems a tad disillusioned these days. Maybe he means if we keep bailing out idiots we will end up paying 50% – just to keep the country running. I don’t like the tax percentage I’m robbed of every week now. Some years I feel as I already pay 50%. Living in a state with a high state income tax percentage, I probably do.

If I pay the Federal government the usual 30 percent and add the five percent my state calls income tax, I am up to 35 percent. That is a huge amount of my hard earned dollars being removed. Especially the ways the government spends our money. How do they expect people to live with any comfort if the government takes 35% ? What is sad, I’m not done paying taxes to the government.

I am a restaurant owner, therefore I pay sales tax on every dollar my business takes in. Which of course is how I earn my income. In my lovely state of Maine, Sales tax takes another seven percent. Sales tax is paid before federal and state income taxes. OK, now I am up to 42%. Where is the fairness in that? Free Country?

I appreciate some of the benefits I receive from taxes. It gives me comfort to have Police and Firefighters on call to assist if I need them. I got a fairly good education free of charge thanks to the good old public school system. However, I have no children now, so I am educating your children. I know we should feel protected by a military that is on guard 24/ 7 and in ways I do. Are there really any soldiers here? Or are they all over there?

As an employer, I want to match my employees Social Security and Medicare tax. They work hard and deserve some form of retirement check. But deep down inside I can’t help wonder, wouldn’t it be better to have a National Sales Tax rather than any income tax at all. This way the rich pay will more since they seem to buy more expensive items. Even thieves and drug dealers will pay taxes for what they buy. Seems to me, the government would make a lot more money that way. Right now, the rich avoid paying their fair share, and the poor are excused. And we wonder why the middle class is the new poor?

With a National Sales tax, we keep our entire pay. It would be impossible to cheat or evade taxes, saving a couple trillion dollars just eliminating investigations and IRS auditors. Drug dealers who have never paid income taxes on the billions and billions they make, would end up paying their share every time they bought a car, a house or ropes of gold. I would much rather pay a flat 20% sales tax on certain merchandise than pay half of all money I earn. Especially since I seem to be working hard to supply greedy business men with bonuses and vacations. I dunnnooooo! There’s got to be a better way.


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