I can see dead people

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Well it’s a debate that be going on for centuries. Call them ghosts, ghouls, demons or the ever popular vampire. The question is, is any of this possible?

There are obviously 2 distinct sides to this popular discussion. The believers and the doubters.  The argument for, is the personal accounts of hundereds of people who have experianced or witnessed strange ghostly sightings. 

The argument against is generally anyone who has not experianced a sighting and beleives the other side to be cooky, crazy or just making it up to get attention. If they have not seen anything out of the normal then it cannot possibly exist..right?

So you may ask is there any scientfic proof for either side?  Yes there is, and plenty of it. Take a google around and you will find dozens or articles and proof for each side of the argument. The big issue is who to beleive as the lines are clearly drawn between the two side again. Finding a unbiased view or opinion is easier said then done.

The other option is to go out and start looking and finding evidence yourself. Most old towns or cities will have some claim to fame to a ghost or haunted house. Take the tour and see for youself, you may be suprised with the results or experiance. Talk to local people and get there reaction and views.

Good luck finding the answer, as for me, do i see dead people or beleive that anyone can really see dead people?. Rent the sixth Sense and enjoy the movie…that would be my answer !


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