The Explosive Review – Damien: Omen II (1978)

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Nearly a week after the death of Robert Thorn and his wife, two men who have learned the true identity of Damien Thorn (who now lives with Robert’s brother, Richard Thorn, in Chicago) and the deaths he has caused attempt to bring Richard a package explaining everything and to warn him. However, one of the men remains unconvinced, so they pay a visit to the ruins of Tel Megiddo to show him proof. While inside, the entire tomb collapses, killing them both.

Seven years after, Damien is now 13 and living with his father’s brother in Chicago, Richard Thorn, a wealthy industrialist. Also living with him is Richard’s wife, Ann, and his son from his first marriage, Mark. Damien, along with Mark, both attend military academy. Damien’s Aunt Marion is not so fond of him and his influence on Mark and therefore attempts to cut off his inheritance unless he is transferred to another school. While Richard Thorn plans tentative moves to expand his Thorn Industries operations into Third World agriculture, little does he know, it is all for the benefit of Damien so that he claims his place with the ten kingdoms on Earth.

“Damien: Omen II” may not be perfect, but it expands on the classic original in several ways and provides a bit more depth in a now teenage Damien Thorn. The sequel contains more horrific deaths, more evil bad guys, and even more special effects than the first.


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