The Explosive Review – The Omen (1976)

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In Fulham, England – A child named Damien Thorn is born and is switched at birth in Rome with another child who belongs to a wealthy American diplomat, Robert Thorn – Only he knows of the switch and he keeps it a secret from his wife. Damien is the child who is destined to become the Anti-Christ, however, he is unaware that he is the offspring of Satan. Robert slowly but surely begins to realize the true nature of his son after a photographer, Keith Jennings, points out all the seemingly tragic accidental deaths connected to Damien – First, the nanny hangs herself at the boy’s 5th birthday party and is replaced by Mrs. Baylock (who happens to be a guardian of the Anti-Christ), then a priest (who’s been trying to convince Robert of his son’s true identity) is impaled by a church spire via lightning, and then Damien’s mother (Katherine) falls from a railing after being knocked over by Damien.

“The Omen” boasts spine-tingling death sequences with believable special effects (most notable of mention being a slow motion decapitation sequence, involving a horizontal sheet of plate glass, near the climax of the film) and many moments filled with sense of suspense and thrill that is often found missing in many horror films today (and yes, that includes the horrible and pointless shot-for-shot 2006 remake).


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