The Explosive Review – Rocky II (1979)

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The film opens with the last round of the original fight in “Rocky”, resulting in both Rocky and Apollo obtaining several devastating injuries. Apollo is announced as the winner by split decision, but retains the championship based on points. The two fighters are transported to the hospital where a mob of reporters hassle them. Meanwhile, Apollo is furious with Rocky who is the first opponent to go the distance with him in a fight, anxious for another chance to knock him out. Later that night, Rocky visits Apollo in his hospital room and asks if he gave him his best, to which Apollo responds Yeah. Rocky decides there won’t be a rematch and announces his retirement from boxing due to his medical surgery. 

The story continues in “Rocky II” and this time the screenwriter and main actor himself directs – Sylvester Stallone. Also returning from the original is Carl Weathers as Apollo, Burgess Meredith as Mickey, Burt Young as Paulie, Talia Shire as Adrian, Joe Spinell as Gazzo, Tony Burton as Duke, and Sylvia Meals as Apollo’s wife Mary-Anne. “Rocky II” tells the story of a rematch between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed, following ten months after the previous up to the new fight.

In “Rocky II”, the story does indeed continue as the film’s tagline tells us and the story itself can be regarded as one of the most successful and well-written sequels ever made that is certainly up-to-par with “The Godfather, Part II”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “Aliens”, and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”.


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