The Explosive Review – Friday The 13th (1980)

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In 1958, two counselors at a Camp Crystal Lake summer camp are murdered while having sex by an unseen assailant. Jumping forward to present day on Friday, June 13th – A group of teenage counselors (Ned, Jack, Bill, Marcie, Brenda, Alice) re-open the campsite along with its owner, Steve Christy, to refurbish the cabins and facilities (and to have sex inside of them as well, duh). When a strong thunderstorm hits, the killing spree begins and when one young lady appears to be the last one standing, the murderous mother of Jason, Mrs. Vorhees, finally makes her appearance.

“Friday The 13th” was the next best thing to happen to the slasher horror genre since 1978’s “Halloween” which it drew much inspiration from. Panned by many critics upon its release, it grossed nearly $40 million domestically, becoming one of the most profitable slasher films in the history of cinema. One of horror’s most popular and influential icons was given birth to from this franchise, that is Jason Vorhees, the tall and looming hockey-mask wearing murderer.


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