The Explosive Review – The Shining (1980)

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Novelist Jack Torrance, a recovered alcoholic, is hired as a the winter caretaker of the very secluded and forest-surrounded Overlook Hotel and moves in with his wife and son, Wendy and Danny Torrance. The hotel always gets snowed in during the winter season and has quite a tragic story behind it – the previous caretaker was driven mad and killed his own family. Jack assures the hiring manager, Stuart Ullman, that nothing of that sort is bound to happen again with him as the caretaker.

“The Shining” could be summarized as “The Amityville Horror” set in a huge mansion instead of a house – they share a lot of similarities, most notably the plot of a man driven to murdering his family by the ghosts of a house. Stanley Kubrick utilizes his skills and style to provide excellent camera positions and angles, showing no sign of ADD in this film whatsoever, now how many horror films do you know of in the 21st century that are capable of doing just that?


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