The Explosive Review – Prom Night (1980)

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In 1974, four 12 year olds – Jude Cunningham, Kelly Lynch, Wendy Richards, and Nick McBride played a game of hide and seek in an old and remote school building where they pick on Robin Hammond, 10 years old, to the point where she accidentally falls out of a window and dies. From this point on, the four kids make a pact to keep the incident a secret and act as if it wasn’t their fault. Little do they know, somebody was there who witnessed the entire thing.”Prom Night” was released at the height of the slasher horror film craze in the late 70s/early 80s, it is in the vein of such movies as “Halloween” and “Friday The 13th”. The story can be broken up into two parts – the first half takes place during the day, showing the characters as they prepare for the prom while the second half takes place in the evening during the title event itself. The first half is kind of slow, especially the hide-and-seek bit within the first 10 minutes, but then again that’s how these movies were back in the day.


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