The Explosive Review – Alien (1979)

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In the 22nd Century, a crew of seven space truckers are awakened out of cryogenic hibernation en-route back to Earth by a strange distress signal coming from a nearby barren planet. Following company orders, the crew lands on the planet via space shuttle craft to investigate. “Alien” opened at the height of cinematic science fiction in the late 1970s which boomed thanks to the likes of 1977’s “Star Wars”. “Alien” presented a different aspect of sci-fi film – Terror and the unknown. The film is very eerie, dark, and scary with its large open-ended environments that are dimly lit most of the time with tight winding ship corridors and cavernous planetary landscapes that were all inspired and designed by the ever-so strange and magnificent H.R. Giger. While the script was pretty much stolen right out of the hands of the original writers by the film’s two main producers, they did one good deed which was to make the chief protagonist a female character (Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver) in a time when most of the science fiction film market was dominated by male heroes. Ripley as the heroine certainly stands out against the Alien antagonist. “Alien” maintains a high level of mystery to it – For instance, we never find out where this alien species really came from nor where the derelict ship it was found in came from and why it was carrying the eggs.


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