Tools to Having a great Cookout

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Step 1

Choose a date and location for the cook out that will be the easiest for you to do some shopping and have down time the next day. Realize that everyone will not be able to make it but you should aim for at least 10 people to attend.

Step 2

If you are cooking out at a local park or lake ensure that you get there early. Many times people will camp out at one of the shelter parks if they do not know its reserved. This will also give you a chance to scope out parking and ensure the grill is clean.

Step 3

Get some toys and other accessories if you plan on children coming to the event. This will allow them to play and have fun while the grownups talk and mingle. Also keep in mind that if you a pool someone should be assigned to watch the children and act as a life guard.

Step 4

Try to cook the meat first. Keep in mind hamburger meat good for a couple of hours and potato salad should be kept on ice. These have a tendency to spoil quickly so having the grill ready quickly will save on time.

Step 5

Frozen French fries are healthier than potato chips and they also do not make as much of a mess. You could have both of them but make sure that you have enough. Salad is also an alternative for starchy items if your family is trying to reduce carbohydrates. Step6Have fun! Cook outs are meant to bring people together and relax. Try to alternate on the guys on the cooking unless your hubby really likes to grill.


  • Keep everyone hydrated
  • Avoid excessive sugary beverages
  • Have fun!
  • Select a designated life guard if you will be around water

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