Youths Of Britain

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When you hear the phrase Youth Of Britain, what comes to mind? Muderers? Yobs? Gangs and drug violence? This is the steriotypical way that the media is portreying the youth of today and its readers and followers are listening to this without any though of their own. People are looking at the negative rather than the possitive. This artical will attempt to look at both sides and make an overal opinion on the youth of britain.

We can not deny that they’re are the teenagers out there that commit murder, assult, criminal damage and drug offences. They’re are teens caught up in gang violence and commiting horrific crimes. But some people say that this is only a miniority of the youth. If one man murders and rapes a young girl does that mean all men are murderers? We also need to see that teens today do walk im the street in groups of five or more but it could be called as just socialisng. If they are not causing any harm, then why move them on?

We also need to realise that many teenagers caught up in gang culture is suffering some sort of trauma at home and therefore looks for familly in the gang. If we were to try help the root problem and offer more support to people suffering at home would it minimise the ammount of children looking for familly love in gang members?

In conclusion i would like to ask you to think twice next time you see a young person or a group of young people upon the streets. Next time you see a young boy in a gang, just think what he faces when he goes home. Next time you see a group of young girls on the bus or in the park, question whether they are actually harming anyone. Next time you see a young person in a hood, ask yourself how it harms you. Give you youth today a chance and look towards the possitive, not the negative


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