How to Save Money with KeyRingThing Cards

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Are you looking for an easy way to save money on products you want to buy from
your favorite stores?

In this very tough economy all of us are looking to save as much money as we can.
Now we stay on the hunt for all types of deals, coupons, discounts and rewards
cards from our favorite stores. But it can be a real pain in the neck to keep track
of multiple loyalty program cards and coupons. In the end, you wind up missing out
on real savings on the items you want to buy. If you want to avoid the hassle, this
article reveals how you can save money using KeyRingThing cards.

What’s a KeyRingThing Card?

KeyRingThings are bright colored cards that make it super easy for consumers to manage
and use multiple loyalty store cards from the stores they shop at. How? KeyRingThing cards
stores the data from up to six (6) of your discount, rewards or club cards into a single card.
Its very thin (about the size of a credit card only thinner) and can easily fit into your purse
or wallet. As long as you it with you when you when you go shopping, you will never miss out on
an opportunity to save money again.

How to Get Your Free KeyRingThing Card

Signing up to receive your KeyRingThing card is a simple 4 step process. It only took me
a couple of minutes to complete. Just go to and enter your name, email
address and a password. Type the names as well as bar code numbers from up to 6 of your
favorite store cards. Don’t sweat it if you make a mistake, you can edit the bar codes from the
My KeyRingThing area after you finish signing up. You will also select a sponsor to receive a free
gift from.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

KeyRingThing cards are free, but if you want to receive a physical card there is a small fee
for processing & shipping the card to you. If you want your card to be completely free,
simply choose the temporary card option and print it out from your PC. I chose to have a
physical card sent to my home and paid $1.97 with my VISA card. I can receive up to 4
additional physical cards during the next 12 months for free, so the small investment was
well worth it.

As previously mentioned, you can edit the bar codes from your My KeyRingThing page and sign
up for new cards. You can also print out additional temporary cards from this page as well as save
your card to your iPhone or other smartphone. There’s no risk for you if you lose the card because
there’s no personal financial information on it.

Another thing to keep in mind, the website is very popular and can be a bit slow
at times due to the heavy traffic it receives – so be patient.

From reading this article it should be clear that KeyRingThing cards provide consumers with an easy
to manage way to save money when shopping at their favorite stores by consolidating multiple store
loyalty program cards into one very slim card.

To sign up for your KeyRingThing card, go to


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