A Day in the Life of the Super Cyber Entrepreneur

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Written By Kandis Knight

They are faster than a speeding bullet, they hold an advanced degree, sometimes several.  They own and operate more than one successful entrepreneurial enterprise, meet the new cyber era entrepreneur.  As entrepreneurialism traditionally booms during times of recession, chances are you may become one of these highly-motivated, over-achieving, cyber moguls or may even be living right next door to one. 

Attorney Daniel C. Jason, a former JAG Officer who has also achieved the rank of Major, is the face of the super cyber entrepreneur.  In addition to owning and operating his successful law firm, Jason & Bradley, Jason is also the founder and President of Atlanta-based fashion label, PZI Jeans.  PZI Jeans are sold nationally in select Macy’s Stores and over 600 retail stores and boutiques nationally and internationally, however, the company’s E-Commerce business model is it’s true driving force. 

Neighbors may see Jason leave his Atlanta home daily around 9:00 a.m., what they do not see is the fact that he has been up since 5 a.m. working on-line.  Entrepreneurs like Jason do more before noon than most of us do in two days.  Even when Jason returns home late, most nights, he is usually found on-line burning the proverbial midnight oil.

This super cyber entrepreneur works well over 60 hours a week at his law practice and when you factor in the time he spends on-line, he works double what the average American clocks in a pay period.  By night, Jason is checking inventory, researching fashion trends, dealing with vendors and distinguishing his brand from competitors by offering the best denim at “recession-friendly” prices.

“I wake up typically between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m., depending on how late I worked the night before. I typically head to PZI Jeans offices for meetings, to look over designs, presentations, or whatever is priority.  Then I head over to my law office to complete the day. Some days, I work from the law office while corresponding on-line with our PZI Jeans Staff. On the days that I have trial or Court hearings in the morning, I would head to Court straight from home.”

Mid day, Jason is in his flow, rolling his office chair between three different monitors, checking MSN.com, reading Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), and other fashion magazines and websites, reviewing contracts, scrutinizing sponsorship proposals, monitoring office systems and speaking on multiple telephones. 

“It is all about multi-tasking, and delegating, there are no dull moments. Before computers, none of this would be possible but now, I am able do the job of four people.  We have to take advantage of the technology to get ahead now more than ever,” says Jason. 

On days Jason has court appearances, his wife, Claire Jason, a Magistrate Judge and the Vice President and Creative Director of PZI Jeans takes the reigns making sure action items are all handled.  All of the leaders at PZI Jeans have full access to their work computers from home so the team often works around the clock in unison.

“I am a techno-man. I believe in technology and will not spare any expense to procure the best technology for our companies. I tell my Staff to tell me what will make them more efficient from a technology stand-point, and I get it for them.  Because of my multiple offices, the computer and e-mail remain the most important technology to me,” says Jason.

Because of Jason’s commitment to his cyber venture, PZI Jeans was recently named by Inc. Magazine as one of America’s fastest growing private companies. 

“Success to me, is the undying devotion to accomplish my goals, in spite of any odds or obstacles.  I strive to do my best at all times and I believe just because something is not broken does not mean that you cannot make it better.”

For more information visit:  www.pzijeans.com


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