Lord of the Rings Online Forestry Guide

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The Woods may be full of elves in Lord of the Rings Online and many other representations of Middle Earth.   This may or may not be true as the number of elves is declining in the world.  That does not mean that the denizens of Middle Earth do not need to make products out of wood.   Rune keepers, minstrels, and wardens can all use weapons whose primary ingredient is wood.

Players with the forestry skill provide the raw materials that wood crafters need to ply their trade.   Like prospecting, it is a gathering trade skill.  Knowledge, an ax, and love of the woods are all a Lord of the Rings Online player needs to get started.  As with all the other trade skills in the game, he or she must visit a master or mistress of apprentices before he can earn wealth by collecting lumber.

How to Harvest Lumber from the Trees of Middle Earth

While it would make enormous sense for a player to be able to gather lumber from any standing tree, the programmers did not design forestry to work this way.  A forester, like a prospector, a character must find nodes to harvest wood.  When he finds a node, he pulls out his axe and cuts the wood.

Wood pulled out of a node in the forest cannot be used in its raw form.  Wood must be treated and prepared before another player can use it.  It works the same way in the real world as it does in the Lord of the Rings Online.  This forestry skill process takes much less time in a mmorpg, for which all players can be thankful.  A forester must find a workbench to do this.  When the wood is treated, he earns a certain amount of tier points

When a player earns enough forestry tier points, he once again needs to visit the master or mistress of apprentices to advance to the next tier.

Other uses of Forestry in Lord of the Rings Online

Characters possessing the forestry skill can also boil hides for use by tailors, smiths, and other crafters that require leather goods for use in their final products.  As a gathering skill, forestry can be used as something purely profitable or to reduce the cost of a production trade skill.


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