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A few weeks back I started tweeting #WickedMonday on Twitter through my ID @wickedsunny

Many have asked me exactly what it is meant for :

So I am writing this article to explain exactly that.

Mondays are always boring. After enjoying the weekend, most people do not like shifting their gears back to the office schedule. Yes there are few who love waking up on the Monday morning but that is a minority.

I wanted to add some zeal to Monday Mornings, some extra touch: –

Mondays are also known as hero day to many on twitter. But then what about the anti-heroes? Without the super villains, the heroes will have nothing to do in comics or movies.

We wouldn’t have watched Dark Knight without the Joker, isn’t it?

Spiderman is just a swinging spider without Green Goblin or even Venom

Superman is incomplete without Lex Luthor.

Not to forget the Skeletor in legendary He-Man and Sher Khan as the wicked tiger in Jungle Book.

We cannot think about reading a comic of a super hero without a super villain, the arch rival.

The world is balanced on a wheel of good and bad, the evil is as intrinsic as good.

and these very characteristics make us Human. All of us have these both qualities inside us in different proportions, which defines our character and attitude. (remember Spiderman 3)

and hence I would like to dedicate every Monday on Twitter to the Wicked, evil and  bad side of homo sapiens.

or in a simple way to all the Wicked Super Villains of our comics and movies.


So those who love comics or watching movies add your twitter friend names assigned with a super villain name like in the sample below and tweet your keyboards out – 🙂

#Wicked Monday @WickedSunny> Joker @cheth > Davey Jones @Sumeetchawla > Lex Luthor @Joelcomm > Green Goblin @yaniksilver > Kingpin …etc

and even follow those who matches our favorite anti-hero




Yes we will have a Super Hero day soon too 🙂

That is #SuperWednesday, leaving out our favorite #followfriday



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