Autism – the beginning of our story

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Our Son,  Short Stack,  was diagnosed with PDD – Pervasive Developmental Disorder. 
But don’t let me get too ahead of myself here….

As Short Stack was growing, he was premature by almost 4 weeks, and had some jaundice – for which he was treated within a couple of weeks.   He grew and developed regularly, reaching ALL of his developmental points without any problems in developement…or delay.

He started talking, and was growing in that area of developement, on time.  Then, we had to get his vaccine shots.

Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m completely against vaccine’s.  Well, I’m not….it’s just that they’re are so many of them now…and applied to children at such a young age in a short time frame – there’s a bit of a challenge in using them all together, hence all the controversy.

Our experience is that within a week or so after the shots, he acted differently.  Almost as if the high level of activity went away. 

We thought it was something simple, like – “hey, he’s not feeling well”….

but then we realized that he wasn’t at where he should be in using words.

He started focusing on specific foods that he’d want to eat.  He became very finicky in his diet.

Now, here’s my thoughts in regards to Autism vs. Vaccines:  “Looking back, it’s stupid to think that we can give children over 30 toxins/vaccinations within the time schedule some pediatricians have, without having some adverse side-effects.   Some childrens bodies just can’t handle it, and ours was one.  Despite what some may think, parents have more of a handle on what is going on with their kids than some doctor who’s paid by the same companies that produce the vaccines.  And, who wants to test out these theories?  As testing these theories would require a control test and actual test subjects?”

Suffice it to say, after the remorse, the crying, the tears of hearing those words….there was also a sense of relief.
Relief that something can be done.

After fighting and screaming at over 3 doctors, 2 speech therapists, and several others – we finally got him tested – and the diagnosis was PDD….in other words – Autism.

We had to tell the doctors “Somethings Wrong”, and all we got was “let’s wait and see”.

Folks, if your child is sick, is wait and see really on your agenda?

In any event, we ended up going through Special services, dealing also with IEP (individual educational plans), got him a doctor that is a DAN! doctor, hooked up with local support groups that can help us navigate some of these issues.

Now, there’s also a controversy with “treating” those with Autism….and some people say there is “no cure”….I won’t go too much into that.  All I know is that many people working the biomedical treatment route are very satisfied.

We are working with Short Stack, going the biomedical route, and things are progressing at a very rapid pace in the positive direction….but it’s still a journey….and it’s what we’ve documented and experienced.  As we progress, we’ll be providing some resources and information that may be of benefit to others in similar situations.

I’m sure that you may know someone with an Autistic child, in this day and age – it’s very common.
After all  1 in 150 are diagnosed with Autism every day.

Since DAN! doctors are a big help to many people, and the resources available by these same people are providing practical answers in helping parents to address the issues surrounding autism….and we are using some of this advice and resources….and it’s working….The BFN will be donating to

By all means, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  Be blessed.

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