Autism, GFCF and store a store remodel

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For those that don’t know much about Autism, there seems to be a common trait amongst children suffering with the disease – Candida.  Essentially, when a child is treated for Candida, there’s much improvement in the ability to combat Autism.

Treating Candida is two-fold:  The first is medicinal, and it attacks the Candida head on, essentially ripping out the yeast from the digestive tract naturally.  The second is through dietary means, which is usually a GFCF diet – or Gluten free Casein free diet. 

What is Gluten?  What is Casein?  Here’s a very short answer:

Bottom line is that Gluten is what is found in wheat, and Casein is what’s in milk.
So in order to have a GFCF diet, one cannot eat products containing wheat, or milk.

Now, Short stack is ok with Gluten, so breads are ok….but in order to fight the type of Candida he has…we have to eliminate Casein products.

Now, whew…catching my breath here….

Yesterday I went to the grocery store that normally carries these items that he can eat.
Lo and behold, the store is undergoing a remodel – and ALL their stuff has been shifted around.

I looked for over 10 minutes for some items, and eventually had 3 other employees helping me look for specific items.

30 minutes later?



These are some of the challenges one faces as a parent of an Autistic Child.

What challenges do you have, and how do you overcome them?

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