Can He Get To Read This?

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What is the matter with the leadership of a nation like Nigeria? No one seems to get it right in Nigeria in the last twenty years. Every policy devised by people in power is done for only the wrong reasons – to embezzle money. So much money has been stolen from the coffers of the Nigerian people from the military era to the present civilian administration that I can’t continue to sit by and watch as our commonwealth is wasted by an army of thieves.

Hence Mr. President,  from this letter of mine, what can you say you are doing to curtail corruption to the barest minimum? A minister in your administration by name Professor Dora Akunyili is up with her good intentions to salvage the situation with a new swan song she christened Rebranding Nigeria project. Unfortunately, there is nothing to rebrand as just in the week she set out with the launching, career thieves in Nigeria Football Federation created wings for the sum of $200,000 to fly away. This is shocking and unbelievable! After the story of how during the anti-populist regime of Obasanjo the sum of $16 billion spent on energy projects could not be ascertained, this came as baffling as nothing else to the watching eyes of the world.

In an era of global financial meltdown whereby every cent is accounted for elsewhere, Nigerian sports administrators chose to steal the sum of $200,000 just like that and their cohorts in the Nigeria police are saying now that nothing has come out of their investigations so far. Mr. President, I’m so pissed, forgive my language, but this is unbecoming in a country where your posture as a fighter of corruption is being wasted on the altar of corruption itself.

Elsewhere, these faceless thieves would have resigned and give up their loot and face the wrath of law, but it seems corruption is a native of Nigeria. I am so much disappointed that your fight against corruption is not yielding any results not minding the little barking from the lapdog mess called EFCC you borrowed from the king of corruption called Olusegun Obasanjo.

As I was coming down to Ikeja this morning, I ran into not less than five Nigerians who as a result of the menace of the NEPA now rechristened PHCN are buying generating sets to give the earth something to worry about every night.

Why can’t you as a matter of urgency do something other than a mere threat to declare a state of emergency in the power sector so that Nigerians would live to heave a sigh of relief in your own time? I’m still looking out for your achievements since you came to power in 2007 and behold, it is disheartening to realize you have achieved little to nothing and you are on the march again with some political jobbers in your party PDP to come out again in 2011 for a second term. Not that I’m against your running, but I want you to simply achieve only a thing Nigerians would be proud of. We are not asking for much. Simply deliver on good roads, power generating, good governance, a real fight against corruption, and water. The economy will be better when you have delivered on the above mentioned dividends of democracy.

I’m sweating and needs to shut down my laptop as NEPA have struck again and my battery is fast-going dead.

Please Mr. President, do something before it is 2011 so that you will be the first Nigerian I will ever vote for. I wish you the best as you go about your responsibilities to dear poor Nigerians.


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