Seize the Day

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Disclaimer – Sunday’s I tend to reserve for a religious rant (if I have something to rant about).  I am a Christian and make no apologies for my faith.  If you have issues with dialogue expressed here, feel free to either express your opinion constructively, or move on…thanks.

Life throws at us so many twists and turns, who’s to know how to solve or resolve any conflict?
The reality is we come across a lot of stress in life.  From paying bills, to dealing with illness, or even a loved one that has moved on.

How are we to cope with these struggles that life throws at us?  What are we to do that makes all these huge issues before us seem really small and tolerable?

In this time, with the economy so far down in the doldrums, some find hope a far fetched dream that has been beat up by current circumstances that one can’t look past.  Lately, I’ve been hearing of those who are losing their jobs – and homes…and in some instances their families.  It can, and is, a sad state of affairs.

With all this strife and struggle, however, we do have hope, we do have opportunities and challenges to reach and overcome. 

Carpe Diem – Sieze the Day.
I remember reading up on this phrase, and it can be taken as “eat, drink, be merry – for tommorrow we’ll die”. 

However, there’s a flip side to Sieze the Day that is not so joyfully ominious.  It’s that drive behind the phrase that encourages us to take the moment – and make it your own.  It’s that phrase that can inspire one to grasp the reigns of life, and direct it to a new path.  It’s that phrase that makes us stand up, and fight for what’s right, to fight for the ability to stand for another day.

It’s taking that moment, and making it your own shining moment that can define who you are in the midst of chaos.

In World War II Audie Murphy was one who took this phrase, on several occassions, and became the most decorated hero of all time.  He thrived in the heat of battle, and he also had his share of demons that ate away at him.

I find that if we look at the future to often, we forget the here and now.
Take care of the small things now, seize those moments and do things in the right way today.

Tomorrow will have it’s own issues, Yesterday is History, and today is God’s Gift  – and that’s why it’s called the Present.

Be blessed.

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