Teaching Your Children Right

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What can parents do when their children are hell-bent on being disrecpectful to them? Simply put, be firm and prayerful.

Children are known for their prowess and ability to box their parents into a corner and blackmail them simply because a parent is not being responsible enough. Now, you have to become conscious of the eyes of your children following your every actions, both the ones said and the ones not said. They are understudying you and one slight mistake gives them the upperhand in weakening your resolve to carry out God’s responsibility by being a true parent to your children.

You are not fulfilling your responsiblity because you believe you have disappointed yourself before your children therefore, you don’t have to say a word when a child of yours repeats any of your antecedents. This is usually so when this child of yours is simply stubborn and doesn’t fail to remind you that you have not been much of a responsible parent. Such a child deserves to eb taken to a counsellor to help him/her realize that a parent is nothing but human and can err as well. But the degree of your erring determines whsat moral right is left of you after you have disappointed and let-down your children.

For instance, a father who batters the mother of his children while they are at home has set a dangerous precedent in his home. Such a father needs the prayers of his wife who will have to call on her children to set up a prayer chain for their husband and father. I keep rapping on prayers because it has always worked for them that believe God.

Learn to be more responsible and stop giving your children clubs to maul you down, and please, learn to pray in every situation you find yourself in your home. Even when you have made a grievous mistake, come out to every member of your family to apologise. It helps heal everything and save you from the blackmail of your children who might be used by their mother to get back at you.

Think, act responsibly and always pray. 


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