How to make some bomb stuffed peppers

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Every one loves bomb stuffed peppers.They are very healthy for the whole family.They are a full meal to cook.You have your meat,side and vegtable all in one.after you have all the items were ready to start making our bomb stuffed peppers.To start you need to get a baking pan.Put one cup of water in the bottom of the baking dish.Next you need to get a bowl and put the hamburger in it.Then you need to cook three cups of rice.Then let the rice cool.After it has cooled you will need to add it in the bowl with the hamburger.Now it is time to turn the oven on 400 degrees.Now would be a good time to add your salt and pepper to the bowl.Also you can add other seasonings to the bowl if desired for more flavoring. next you need to crack a egg in to the bowl.Becareful not to get egg shells in the bowl.Now mix all of the components in the bowl until they are all blended very good.Next you will need to cut the tops off the three green peppers and clean out the stuff inside the green peppers.After your done cleaning them out you can now add the mixture.Fill the green pepper to fill it past the top.Do this for all three.Next you will need to put them in the baking pan.Now you can open your spagetti sauce and add the sauce to the top of the green peppers.When your finished with that you can put them in the oven and let bake for 45 minutes.Then cool and serve.


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