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Nothing gets you into the game of business than an online presence.  With a website up and running you immediately expose yourself to millions of potential customers who may be looking for whatever it is you are selling.  The keyword there is looking.  You see, just because they are looking doesn’t necessarily mean they will find you.  If you want your customers to find your website, you must increase your exposure.  That sounds pretty basic, but what if your budget for advertising and marketing is already strapped?  Well then you turn to this great technique, I am about to explain, and you could easily double your website’s traffic in as little as 30 days.

Before I begin, I can not stress this enough, if your website is hard to navigate, poorly designed, and takes to long to load or makes it hard to find something, I don’t care what techniques you use, nobody will go to your site.  So make sure you have user friendly website.  Otherwise all of your efforts will be for naught.

The name of the technique is called article marketing.  It is the process by which you write an educational and informative article related to the content of your website.  You then submit your article to various article directories on the world wide web and then watch as the visitors roll in.

The first part is to actually write the article.  You need to write articles that are no less than 450 words and no greater than 900.  Too short and many will not take it seriously enough and too long and most people won’t read it.  The article should be educational and/or informational.  In other words it should satisfy a need for the person reading it.  If you sell power tools, you might write an article on dove tail joinery techniques, or how to keep your table saw running like new.  As you can see by the titles those articles are about something that could educate the reader.

Once you have your article written you need to create a resource box for it.  A resource box is a snippet of information that tells the reader how to get in touch with you, the writer of the article, should they have any further questions.  A typical resource box reads as follows: “John Jones is the owner of XYZ Power Tools.  To learn more about XYZ Power Tools visit their website at {insert the web address here}.”  As you can see the resource box tells the reader who wrote the article, who they are and how to get in touch with them.  It is everything a good resource box needs.

The final step is to take your article and your resource box and submit them to various article directories.  A simple search in Google on the words “article directory” will yield you more results than you can ever imagine.  Just pick out a handful and you will be well on your way.  Joining these sites are free, so stay away from any that want to charge you a fee.  These article directories receive tens of thousands of hits daily from people looking for information like you have supplied.  Also they get visitors that are looking for articles to use on their blogs, and when someone uses your article (including the resource box) that means you writing has been syndicated, and that is a great thing.  It is great because your exposure will now be increased. 

Now simply repeat this process on a daily basis.  You can literally double the visitors to your website in no time.  Just remember the better the articles the greater the chance you have at success.  So take your time when writing articles, read and re-read them, and make sure the educate the user in relation to what your website is about.

About the Author:
Mr. Tucker is a regular contributor on Bukisa, an online community for writers that pays them for their articles.  You can also follow Bruce on Twitter.

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