fast and furious 2009

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I was watching this movie yesterday that I like this movie because one of the stars of the film is my favorite that is Vin Diesel. He is one of my favorite movie stars.
this film starts from a robbery on a street of fuel in mexico and after that the hijacker (which are dissel Vin aka Dominic Toretto, aka dom) is separated for each road. Then the news compass dikejutkan by passing friend, Letty the accident, but was killed by gang in Braga, famous criminals in the USA. Akhrinya investigation started, and in fact dom with long duration of the partner, Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker). They compete in the racing arena in the road use GPS. race was won by dom. Dom eventually became a driver Braga, Braga and quell the struggle continues.
in the middle of the way, found that the dom is Finx Letty murderer, one of the right hand of Braga. Finally, the compass and partner successfully with the action quell Braga kebut kebutan in the wilderness and the underground tunnel in the desert. This extraordinary film! abis tense and exciting! let’s go!.

this movie full speed car conflic and many more. this movie is diffrent form the old movie “the fast and furious 2” where it suspected not continued but the reality is diffrent. ultimately, this film recounts that Vin Diesel will resign and the police arrested over the error in the past. but if you want to know more about the movie please watch it in cinema you sweetheart.


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