Female Sexual Dysfunction with HSDD

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Female Sexual Dysfunction with HSDD

Female sexual dysfunction has now become very common. Many young ladies are severely affected by a number of sexual related problems. As per the report of Journal of the American Medical Association, 43% women are unhappy about their sexual dysfunction disease. According to the doctors, this sexually related disease can occur due to the physiological and psychological disorders. There are a number of symptoms like dryness in the vaginal area, incapability to reach the climax of libido, low sexual desire, inclusive of acute pain at the time of copulation which will determine the possibility of the occurrence of the sexual dysfunction in females.   There are other physical problems like hysterectomy, sexual abuse during childhood days, pre-matured pregnancy etc which are also accountable to cause this painful disease. 

However, a team of well experienced healthcare consultants and experts have classified FSD under four major four divisions like Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder, Sexual Arousal Disorder, Orgasmic Disorder and Sexual Pain Disorder. Frankly speaking, HSDD lowers the sexual desire and interest which are required to get the sexual pleasure. The absence of the sexual fantasy is the main symptom of HSDD. There are three different types of HSDD such as Lifelong, Situational and Acquired Hypoactive Sexual Disorder Disease. If a female feels that she has been affected by this disease, she must seek for the doctor’s advice to get the proper treatment. There are a number of reasons for the occurrence of Hypoactive Sexual Disorder Disease. For instance, lack of proper understanding between the partners or mental stress can decrease the sexual desire in women. It is also found that a woman who is very busy of her professional career finds it difficult to think deeply about her sexual life. In addition, in case a woman is attacked by cardiac disease, she is also under the threat of the HSDD problem. Besides this, there are a number of medications which can produce negative effect on the sexual health. Any antidepressant medication can prevent a lady from getting sexual satisfaction. Due to the rapid nosedive in the percentage of estrogen level a girl can suffer a lot from vaginal dryness.  

According to doctors, the slow but steady decrease in the level of progesterone, testosterone and estrogen hormones is detrimental to sexual drive. Though there are a number of methods to detect this disease but there is no perfect and high graded medication in the market which can remove this sexually related disease. However there are few herbal products which are very effective to increase the sexual drive. These medications are really competent to cure patients who suffer from Hypoactive Sexual Disorder Disease. Avlimil, Provestra and Hersolution are some of the qualitative sexual enhancement drugs which can reduce the severity of this disease by energizing females to get sexual pleasure. These medications are conducive to the enhancement of the sexual intimacy. However after consuming these medications for 3-6 months, one can expect the positive result in enjoying the sexual bliss. 


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