Greedy Octomom– Is Angelina Jolie to Blame for That?!

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I guess there is hardly a person who hasn’t heard about the octuplets, who were recently born to an American lady, called Nadya Suleman. This chick is in her early 30s and she is the single mother of 14 (yes, that’s right – fourteen as in ten plus four) children and even though motherhood is to be admired, this goes way too much. It is great to give birth to children and to raise them but not when this smells of a publicity stunt and a way to make money for yourself.

It is very irresponsible to use children as a source of income. Giving birth to children and raising them just to become famous and to ask for fat paychecks per interview is mercantile. This kind of motherhood is like the devil reads the Bible.

Nobody denies that modern medicine can help many singles and couples, who can’t have children naturally. But children farms look creepy. Giving birth to children becomes a profession and there is nothing noble in that. Parading one’s children farm is really disgusting and milking the kids to make another cool million is simply beyond any ethic norms.

I know that many would-be Nadya Sulemans are also eager to do the same and become famous. I just hope that all the bad publicity octomom gets will teach them a lesson that such cheap tricks can make you famous but not necessarily in the way you want it. There is such thing as bad publicity.

Many people have found a relationship between Angelina Jolie, who adopts (and gives birth to) children and Nadya Suleman. While there are people who accuse Angelina that she is also exploiting her motherhood in order to get publicity, I don’t think that her case is exactly like that. Angelina’s very public motherhood is hardly a PR campaign and even less an attempt to earn money – she has tons of it.

However, the disturbing aspect of Angelina’s very public motherhood is that many imitators will follow. Sure, nobody can blame Angelina for that but it is good if the public makes it clear that it will not tolerate attempts to get fast fame by giving birth to five, six, ten, or nobody knows how many children. If you do it, you might become famous but not in the way you want it.


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