IPod shuffle gets smaller and smarter

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Apple released world’s smallest music player with, the IPod shuffle third generation, with a lots of new rocking features including the Voice over feature. It comes with a memory of 4GB and capable of storing 1000 songs! The previous version which was just 1GB and capable of storing songs only up to 240 is priced at a rate $49 (the present rate) while this new one with stunning features costs just $79! Apple says it’s the first music player ever released which talks to the user, with its Voice Over feature!

Voice over
Voice over feature tells you the title of the song which you are listening, its artist and even the names of the playlist that you created. While IPod shuffle second generation has no options to notify you about the low battery charge or give us no option to create multiple playlists, the third generation voice over feature takes all the tasks –without interrupting the music. Above all Voice Over speaks in 14 languages!!

It gets smaller!
Instead of having controls on the player Apple moved it to earbud cord for making IPod shuffle smaller and they says that this feature will helps us to control the player without taking off our eyes while we are doing anything. Anyway I guess we may have to go for an “IPod shuffle earphone” if the earphone they supplied with the product get damaged and we can’t control the player with any another earphone! Anyway by moving the controls the size of the player got reduced to 1.8”tall x 0.3”

The store room gets bigger
IPod shuffle now has a capacity of 4GB even though the size got reduced much! The storage gets bigger and capable of storing thousand songs and haves 10 hour battery life! 
The product is currently available in silver and black colors. And these entire features do makeIPod shuffle a smarter and amazing device.


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