Once upon of time a woman in love Part II

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…..and she kept quite and then sha said: “She knows you are special to me because I wanted to meet you at the airport, I think she suspects something but from me she hasn’t heard anything. I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid of what she would say and besides to tell you the true I was waiting to this vacation. It’s not that I didn’t trus our relationship, but I really needed this. Didn’t you wonder too?” He said: “Yes.” After that conversation there was absolutly silence for the exception when they took a taxi to take her home. They both got off the taxi and he asked the driver to wait for him. When they were at the door and she was about to open it; he spoke this words by taking her hand: “Don’t be afraid, this is real. She would understand.” She turned around and said: “I wanted to hear those words so bad. I will tell her tonight, she must be behind this door” and then she kissed him goodnight.

When she enter into her house, looked at her mother’s face; she said nothin to her, she only thank her for taking care of her kids. But it was like she knew and helped her to say it. “Ok., Mom, you want to know? I’m in love and I know for sure he loves me back. I have felt this way for a long time now and I was afraid that it wasn’t real, but having him here and tonight show me that is real this feeling and I know he feels the same way. I know it’s stll crazy because he lives far away and I know you have your doubts about me being prepared to love again but I don’t and that is it.” Nothing else was spoken after that.

At ten o’clock into the next day Greg was knocking at the door with a picnic breakfast basket. Thank God they were ready to go out. They had breakfast, Santiago wanted to eat with his hands, and Mom said: “No”, but when she turned around where Greg was; she saw he was doing the same, the same as him. She fell in love for the second time and kiss him right there. After having breakfast, he wanted to help with the dishes and they told him: “No, stay, they don’t bite, we promise.” From the kitchen, Mercedes, the future mother in law saw him played with the kids, specially Santiago and she saw Annie wanting to show him around, after that she said to her daughter: “I like this guy.”

The week of his staying here, it pass so fast. All the family met each other in that vacation. But I think I’m forgetting something, yeah! That’s right, I’m forgetting the 22nd. of December, her birthday. He pop up the question in the most magical way. They didn’t set the date yet because a lot of things had to happen first.


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