I Create a Miracle Every Morning

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I create a miracle every morning when I wake up and find out I’m still alive.  I thank God for making this coming day the best day of my life.  This attitude of gratitude sends positive vibes throughout the universe and the universe respond back all day by showing me many reasons why I was thankful for when I woke up.

I don’t say everything goes exactly as I planned all the time.  Most of the times it goes just the opposite or in a way I never thought about!  It doesn’t matter to me.  The miracle I create is in the way I choose to see things.  I choose to view the bright side of everything first.  We all have the choice, so why a human being with all his mind would choose to see the negative side only?  Many people do, but it still remains a mystery to me!

Choose to make a miracle in your life today by changing the perception you have about events occuring in your life.  Make the best out of what life brings to your plate.  Smile, express gratitude, celebrate your victories and achievements.  This will make things in motion to create more good for you.  It is a never ending wheel!  What you focus on, you create it or expand it.  Focus on the best, forget the rest!

Improve your life by progressively changing nasty habits and ways of thinking.  Find out what makes you really feel great.  Is it listenning to a song will you take a walk in the park or watching a funny movie?  Just do it more often.  Try to insert something positive in your chores to ease things. Theses are only a few suggestions to make your own miracle life happen.

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