The Purple Monkey – Quest for Potatoe Skins

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The Purple Monkey, Sir Bumbleberry, is of course, purple. Sir Bumbleberry is a friendly, daftly goofy purple monkey. He is in his mid 18’s, still considered a youngling for his age, and never ceases to stop causing mischief. Sir Bumbleberry and his family live in Euraustralia, vastly covered with fruits and vegetables. All Purple Monkey’s, of course, are vegetarians, so Euraustralia serves them well. Sir Bumbleberry’s favorite thing to eat is potato skins, which he will do anything for. He is a short purple monkey, and because of his apetite for potato skins and fried rice, he is very plump compared to others.


Sir Bumbleberry has lived his entire life in Euraustralia, never once did he even consider visiting another country. He had plenty of fruits and an endless supply of potato skins, he had it made. So, of course, there was no reason, as Bumbleberry saw it, to go anywhere else, Euraustralia suited him perfectly. However, while listening to the elders conversation, something he had gotten in trouble for numerous times, he over heard of a land that had potatoes as far as the eye could see. He could hear his tummy rumbling as he thought of unlimited potato skins.he had to find out more about this wonderful land…. so the next night he decided that he was going to listen in on another conversation. Unfortunately the next night, he didnt hear anything about the potato skins, but he wasn’t about to give up on his new found dream so Bumbleberry stayed up again the next night to see if the elders had anything else to say about this other land.


The third night that Bumbleberry went to listen in on the elders’ conversation things took a turn for the better. The discussion, at first, was nothing of interest to him but then, at last, the conversation turned to the land of potato skins.

“It has been confirmed that Fwompeeland grows nothing but potatoes.” Elder Flowshem said, while the others nodded their agreement.

Success!! at last!! Bumbleberry could hardly contain his excitement, and in the process, stepped on a dry twig, turning everyone’s attention towards himself. He groaned as he heard “Bumbleberry, come here this instant!” from one of the elders.

The eldest of the elders, Trekrinkle, thinks about giving him trouble, but then changes his mind. He knows that Sir Bumbleberry will go out on his own and search and may not come back so he decides to give him the task of scouting out the land

Trekrinkle says to Bumbleberry, “Sir Bumbleberry, i know your curiousity has often gotten you into trouble, but this time i have decided to give you a special task.”

Bumbleberry’s eyes grew very wide in anticipation for what he was to hear next…”I have decided to allow you to travel to Fwompeeland to have a look at the area”

“Y, Yes Sir, thank you sir” Bumbleberry replied excitedly, his dreams had come true, he couldn’t wait to taste those potato skins.

“You are to return ten days henseforth.” Trekrinkle said.

Bumbleberry bowed and left to pack his things, So excited was he that he picked up his backpack but forgot to pack anything inside the bag. Off Bumbleberry went, heading towards Fwompeeland, towards the north as the elders had directed him. Every cloud he saw in the sky that day looked like different shaped potato skins.


That night, Bumbleberry realized that he hadn’t packed anything. “What a fool!” he said to no one specific as he slapped his hand to his forhead. Good thing there was plenty of food and shelter around, Bumbleberry thought as he lay down to get some sleep. According to the elders it should only take him two more days to get to Fwompeeland.

In the middle of the night Sir Bumbleberry was woken up by the sound of tiny footesteps, walking nearby. He sat up and looked around for the source of the noise.

“It’s ok. I pose no harm” Came a soft voice as a Verdiddle stepped into the light. “I am here only to tell you that you are near your destination,” and the Verdiddle disappeared into the night air.

Confused, Bumbleberry stood up and took another look around. Nothing but the land in sight, however the land seemed to be different than it was when he went to sleep. He realized that the Verdiddle must have used it’s magic to travel him a whole day closer to Fwompeeland. Even more excited than the day before, Bumbleberry started out at a fast pace. On the horizon he could see what appeared to be potato’s.



Bumbleberry reached Fwompeeland and he could see nothing but potatoes everywhere. He began running through the fields of potatoes almost in slow motion, he was in a dream, he was home at last, all he could eat potato skins, and then he stopped and thought, no, not a home, my family is everything to me and i could not live without the warming comfort of my family nearby. And so Bumbleberry headed home, ready to give his report and embrace his family, where home really was.


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